Season 2 is on it’s way!
Who thought they could fit so much into 60 seconds: arguments, cute moments, pregnant Kotoko, Kin Chan’s romance, Kotoko studying to be a nurse, Jealous Noaki and THE ALL NEW CAST!!!

Marking 24th November on my calendar!

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Itazura na Kiss: Love in Okinawa Recap and Review~


Because I feel like being a dork and doing a little tidbit on the honeymoon special uwu

I guess some people didn’t like the it??? I don’t know why, because I absolutely adored it, but maybe that’s just cause I’ve been waiting for it for a year and have watched the first season enough times (3 actually) to learn how to read into things way too much. I dunno. I thought it was great, and here’s why:

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Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa

Final Scene

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Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa

You wear that?

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Who’s excited about Itazura na kiss season 2 :D renkazunashi

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Itazura no kiss - Love in okinawa 

Screenshots Episode 0

Streaming VOSTFR and Eng Sub

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"When you fall in love with someone, you don’t need to think about why. You just know it."
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Yuki featured in Japan Travel vol.17 ^^

Weibo fans had kindly removed the words so you can use it as wallpaper :)

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monghyuns asked: So basically about itakiss, the first episode will be a three hour special but there will be a full season afterwards, right? Thank you so much for your infos and translations as usual :D



It will probably be around 2 hours on TV with commercials, but the Drama special is really 58 minutes. 

Actually, I’m not so sure for the rest of the season. They did mention it in the oricon article but I’m not quite sure because the way they said it wasn’t clear. I checked the other news articles they haven’t mentioned anything yet. It just said that episode one/drama special will go ahead of the season. 

For now, whats sure is the Drama Special airing and the DVD release. They will just probably announce the airing of the rest of the drama in the coming days or at the event. Fuji TV have a one month celebration in Odaiba and Itakiss cast will be there on Aug 29 for a special talk event.

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